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me me me

  1. If it takes more than 5 minutes to take the food between restaurant and home, I will not eat take out.
  2. I love the smell of my dog three weeks after he’s taken a bath.
  3. I hate wind.
  4. I am paralyzingly uncomfortable around groups of strangers.
  5. I hate quotation marks when used for dialogue.
  6. I have no problem eating alone at a restaurant so long as I have a book.
  7. I will overpay by 30% just to patronize local businesses.
  8. I have been hit on by more women than men at bars.
  9. I drink my coffee black.
  10. I have zero tolerance for rude behavior.
  11. I never thought I would live past 30.
  12. I think Raisin Bran is the best cereal ever.
  13. I let the dishes stack up for 7 days before I decide to wash them.
  14. I have 6 different perfume bottles.
  15. I have zero tolerance for people who are “the life of the party.”
  16. If I put my mind to it, I’m a pretty good cook.
  17. I canceled my subscription InStyle last year because it made me feel bad about myself.
  18. It has only been within the last three months that I’ve become comfortable sleeping in the middle of the bed.
  19. If I don’t have a cloth bag with me, I will not stop to buy groceries.
  20. If I couldn’t live on the West Coast I would live in Chicago.
  21. I cannot walk into a bookstore and leave without a book.
  22. I can’t stand when people tell me I’m funny.
  23. I’ve had my heart has broken once.
  24. I hate public speaking but I’m good at it.
  25. Up until the last year, every decision in my life has been made in order to make my parents happy.