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i’d ride that racehorse. i’d ride it hard.

It’s been six months since I posted last.  Things have been a little crazy in this thing I comedically call “my personal life”.

BUT, what better way to signal my return than a clip of the first all female supergroup evahr: Wild Flag.

I.  Must.  See.  “Racehorse”.  Live.


no special fx, no no special fx

My boy Jason Segel hopped on stage to perform a Segel original with The Swell Season, aka, Once stars Glen Hansard and Marketa Iglova.  And as usual, he kills it.

Had a conversation with KW last night about my love for schluppy boys.  Jason Segel is pretty much the prototype.

mediate. indie style.


I know it’s not cool anymore but I’m still a Vampire Weekend fan.  Looking forward to their new album.  Am praying the liner notes consist solely of naked pictures of Ezra.

Seriously, Ezra.  CALL ME.

strokin’ it

Saw Julian Casablancas at the Regency Ballroom on Tuesday.  I was standing directly behind the guy taking this video.  He was there with a friend who could quite possibly be J Cas’s #1 fan.  She kept dancing and jumping up and down while he tried to film THE ENTIRE CONCERT.  Throughout the night he unsuccessfully tried to tell her to calm down so that he could film the show.  She didn’t.

By the by, who films an entire concert? Heaven forbid you should actually put your camera down to actually enjoy the show.  Kids these days.

Anyway.  Great show.  Julian, though sober now, is still pretty.  Unfortunately he didn’t play my favorite song on his album: