Continuing with my walk down music memory lane, we have Canada’s great gift of Leslie Feist, who is basically the Jenny Lewis of Canada.  Another one of those “Indie boys want to bone her, Indie girls want to be her” chicks, Feist brings a unique sound and performance that is entirely captivating.  Whether it be solo singing Parisian-tinged pop, or as part of the greatest supergroup to ever supergroup, she always brings her own sound.  I first heard her open for Rilo Kiley in San Francisco in 2006 (I think) and I was totally blown away with her live performance skills.  She commands your attention in a totally cool way, by which I mean that she’s the epitome of cool.  She’s down to earth, self-deprecating, and ridiculously talented.

And she makes the *best* videos, most of which, are single shot videos, i.e., it’s one long take:

My Moon My Man (I confess, I totally listen to this every time I’m at the airport):

1, 2, 3, 4 (now with choreography)

I Feel It All (now with fireworks!):

And two of my other faves that aren’t single shot:

One Evening (cheeky dancing)

And just for the hell of it, here she is performing with Broken Social Scene.  I love that she’s finally going out with Kevin Drew, even if he is my #4 indie rock boyfriend.  If I had to lose him to someone I’m ok with losing him to Feist.


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