it’s great. it sucks. i don’t know.

Less than 48 hours after seeing Up in the Air (Paramount Pictures), I’ve mentally downgraded it from sparkling to smug. Jason Reitman’s third film has the lifespan of a state-fair churro: tasty at the point of consumption, it congeals soon afterward into its component ingredients of sugar and lard. If you’re watching carefully, this disillusioning process happens during the movie, but the power of George Clooney’s personality is such that it’s tough to pinpoint the moment of decline. Clooney is one of our great natural resources, but his power must be carefully husbanded lest it destroy us all. Fantastic Mr. Fox deployed the Cloonforce with finesse. But in Up in the Air, the actor’s charm is used like caulking, to plaster over plot holes and disguise the conventionality of the story beneath.

That paragraph came off as so much meaner toward this movie than I actually feel.

LOL. I love Dana.


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