So I made a huge mistake and started looking for YouTube clips from concerts that I had tickets to but for whatever reasons (namely, work) I wasn’t able to attend. And my heart. It hurts.

A little over a year abot I had tickets to the Hotel Cafe Tour with Rachael Yamagata and Thao Nguyen. I love love love Rachael. SC makes fun of me because for a while I’d try and sing like Rachael. I was…unsuccessful.

But here’s Thao performing Bag of Hammers. And who’s that in the background? Why yes, I think that’s Rachael. That’s 1.5 Asians on stage! And I WASN’T THERE.

And for those who have never heard of Rachael Yamagata, let’s just say she got me through some tough times. Here’s my favorite song, Letter Read:

And my other favorite song, Would You Please, here. It has one of my favorite lyrics:

Would you please let me slide a few words under your door
The first three say “I love you”
The last five “But I can’t no more.

I still remember the first time I heard that song.  It was like a punch to the gut.


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