Empire Magazine is celebrating its 20th Anniversary by inviting actors back to recreate iconic moments in cinema.

Whenever the discussion of “favorite movies” comes up, I always forget about Silence of the Lambs. Probably because it is a perfect movie. Nothing about it immediately stands out because it’s just…perfect. Amazingly acted (Jodie! Come back to us!), creepy as hell, smart, memorable dialogue, and beautifully shot.


3 responses to “silence

  1. How could you forget it? After seeing the talking Hannibal Lecter at Quantico, that movie is forever seared into my mind.

  2. The movie may be seared into *your* mind. The vision of you flipping your shit when he animated is seared into mine.

  3. you wanna f*#^ me? yeah, i’d f*&^% me.

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