the face of american music

So I don’t know how everyone else felt, but I thought Gaga nailed her performance at last night’s American Music Awards.  She performed Bad Romance and debuted Speechless, both off her new album, Fame Monster.  Gaga’s a very divisive entity in my circle of friends, but love her or hate her, she is compelling.

As Don, not a Gaga Superfan, said tonight, “You can’t look away.”

I mean, really, how could you?  She’s wearing some maxi pad contraption, a lighted rib cage rig, and she’s breaking glass left and right.  And it totally makes sense.  Well, at least on some level.

Like I said, glass.  Or prop glass, but you get it.

I guess if burn shit, yeah, people can’t look away.

It boggles my mind that she’s only 23.  She’s younger than Britney, people.  Britney!  In fact, she admits that she grew up a huge Britney fan.  I guess her age is surprising to me because she has an assurance in her performances that I haven’t seen since, well, I guess Madonna back in the 80’s.

That said, I think there’s a huge difference between what Madonna did and what Lady Gaga is doing.  Madonna took her sexuality and put it out there for all to see (this model would be followed by the likes of Britney and Gwen).  Can you remember any outfit or performance from Madonna that wasn’t sexy or alluring in some way?  Gaga on the other hand plays up the ugly.  Her dancing?  It’s not perfect.  Her movement on stage?  Not graceful (I’m always scared she’s going to fall down).  Her performances aren’t 100% polished (remember the SNL performance where she couldn’t figure out how to sit down in that hoop rig?).  She’s beautiful and hot, but in an unconventional way (well, despite her size 0 waist).  What I mean by that is that guys don’t want to fuck her and I don’t think girls want to be her either.  She is provocative in a different, almost opposite way from Madonna.  It all looks like a trainwreck, but in the most amazing and hypnotizing way possible.

This isn’t all by happenstance.  It all plays into her critique of fame and fortune.  You want it, it’s ugly, it’ll destroy you, but you can’t look away, all of which entices you even more.  It’s such an amazing construction of persona.  She’s smart and she knows *exactly* what she’s doing.  See, kids?  Go to college!  It’s cool, you don’t have to graduate.

She’s such an interesting figure to follow right now.  I feel like people are finally starting to take her seriously as a true “artist”, me included.  I honestly didn’t think much of her before the Bad Romance video came out.  She made great music that I loved, dressed in silly outfits, seemed cool, but past that, she was no different from Beyonce to me.  Put it this way, she’s never been on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, which seems odd now.  The Bad Romance video completely changed the game for me.  It was over-the-top, visually stunning, evocative, and, most of all, intelligent.  It didn’t hurt that Bad Romance is a kick-ass song.  You heard it here first, she’s going to be on EW within the next few months.

That said, I don’t know how she and her House of Gaga can keep topping themselves.  Her creative team is nails.  When will they run out of coke and peter out?

So, all that is to say, you win, Gaga.  You totally own me.  I am on the edge of my seat waiting for whatever you put out next.

And that’s how C “Cs” it.


4 responses to “the face of american music

  1. She is basically the SJP of the music world. Guys find her hideous and don’t “get her” and women and gays LOOOOVE her.

  2. Nice recap. I really think it’s the visuals that seal it for her. Also, her live shows are 92346 times more amazing than a single live performance comes across. (Imagine last night’s antics for 90 minutes straight)

    • Am hoping to see her in concert in month when she comes around. But yeah, if you haven’t seen her videos, I don’t think you can really “get” her.

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