dropped. jaw.

My cousin Tom, who is widely considered THE smartest member of my family (and who we refer to as “Emmy Nominated Tom” because, well, he is) showed me this video a year ago and it absolutely blew my mind.  Obviously the technology of Photosynth is amazing, but the total geekitude of Blaise Aguera y Arca and his genuine surprise at the crowd’s reaction to the demo just warms my heart and is totally inspiring in its own right.  Here’s a socially awkward guy who’s been holed up creating this beautiful program that totally changes the way that we understand how photos and metadata can be shared and used for great purpose with no idea as to whether people will think this is cool or not.  He just did it for the love of the tech.

Have I mentioned I have a thing for socially awkward geeks?  Yeah…


One response to “dropped. jaw.

  1. People like this blow my mind. How do they… I can’t even conceive of it.

    Also, the idea of the smartest person in your family is terrifying.

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