top chef premieres next week

I mean really, did anything that happened before yesterday matter?  The top 4 chefs, all of whom were easily identifiable at the get go, are into the final four.  Very happy to see my girl Jen redeem herself a bit yesterday.  I even “squeed” at Padma’s “Welcome back, chef.”  Aw…Padma’s looking out for the ladies.

The kids are headed up to Napa for the final, which of course means I’m excited because I love seeing Napa on television.  It’s a hell of a lot prettier than Las Effin’ Vegas, I can tell you that much.  Unfortunately, I think we all know that at this point in the competition, it’ll probably be a 3 man final.  So kudos to Jen for winning the ballentine quickfire.  Go out on a high note, lady.

As for Baby Volt, all I can say is this: The bitching he does on the show?  I do that on my days off.



One response to “top chef premieres next week

  1. I’d still do him on my day off.

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