tartine. i can’t say it enough


Confession: 90% of the reason why I bought my place in the Mission is because it’s 2 blocks from Tartine. That morning bun is my favorite breakfast item, along with their pain au chocolate, which…I can’t even describe why it’s better than any other pain au chocolate I’ve had other than that there’s a crap load of butter in it and the buttery saltiness plays so well with the bittersweet Scharffen Berger chocolate. Top it off with the fact that they make a damn good latte (served in a bowl, of course), and I’m in heaven.

My love for Tartine can be summed up in one conversation I had while standing in line one Sunday morning. I was standing with a couple who were clearly tourists. Don’t ask me how I know. That’s the subject of another blog post.

Our conversation went a bit like this:

Tourists: How long you think it’ll be until we get to the front of the line?
Me: Uh, probably another 45 minutes or so.
Tourist 1 turns to his wife: 45 minutes for a roll? Come on.
Wife: Is it really worth it?
Me: Well I live 2 blocks from here and I’m not a morning person. Plus there’s a coffeeshop on my block. It’s 9:30am on a Sunday and I’m standing here. So, I’d say yes.

They both left. Suckers.

For more SF food bragging, be sure to read that Blondie and Brownie link above.  I love hearing other people fawn over our offerings.


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