pa pa pa paparazzi


Unlike most iPhoners, I don’t *love* my iPhone. It’s a great gadget and it does a lot of things better than my old Blackberries. But I hate, HATE, the typing interface. I used to be able to pound out two page business emails on my Blackberry in a few minutes. Now my email responses rarely involve anything other than a “no”, “ok”, “sorry. running late.”, or “lol.” I just can’t be bothered to hunt and puck like an utter moron.

But, despite all the talk about the new Android/Google Phone that will be hitting the streets soon, I’m not entirely convinced I could walk away from my iPhone. The thing is, my iPhone does do something so darn well that it’s changed my life in a meaningful, positive way.

It takes rad pictures.

I love taking pictures with my phone. I’m already predisposed to love lo-fi, imperfect, candid photos. I’ve been obsessing over Loma and Holga cameras, for example. But not only is the camera great but the ability to seamlessly upload the pictures immediately to blogs, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, etc., encourages frequent camera use. Plus, with all the cool photo apps available (my favorites are Camera Bag, ChugMug, and QuadPic) you really have no excuse.

All this is to say I loved this post on Koichi Mitsui, a professional photographer in Japan who likes to take pics with his iPhone on his off days. Really cool stuff.


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